El Najjar Coffee

El Najjar Coffee

The International Coffee Industries (Café Najjar) is an extension for the corporation Café Najjar which was established in Lebanon over 40 years ago, specializing in all kinds of coffee and machines which prepare Turkish, Espresso and American filtered coffee. The corporation Café Najjar provides 40% of the consumer use of coffee in Lebanon and also was the first in the Middle East to establish the most high quality coffee.

A special smooth and refreshing full bodied flavor to make you start your day with extra vigor and end your day with extra relaxation.
Content per box: 12 packs of 250g

From café Najjar is a new blend with a bouquet of aromas and flavors, freshly ground to preserve the savor of its body offers coffee lovers an unforgettable aromatic coffee blend.
Content per box: 12 packs of 250g

An extra special traditional blend full of magic from the first sip to the very last
Flavors: Normal and with cardamom
Content per box:

30 packs of 200g
60 packs of 100g
125 packs of 40g
500 packs of 20g

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