Flexstyle® Double Sided Poly (DSP) Paper Food Containers - Combo Packs

Flexstyle® Double Sided Poly (DSP) Paper Food Containers - Combo Packs

Food Containers

Different Food Containers are tailored to different applications. To decide which of our products will suite you best, consider material , Size, design and usage.

Paper Food containers are great for takeout are often used at condiment stations. Many foodservice professionals find to be valuable back-of-house tools.

Convenient combo pack featuring Solo's popular Flexstyle® paper food containers and spiral wound paper lids addresses customers' need to reduce storage space and inventory cost.
Solo's very best paper containers. These containers can be used for both hot or cold folds and are designed to meet any service or storage need, including freezing and refrigerating. Use them with a vented paper lid for soups and other hot foods. Or, for a more economical choice, top it off with a clear plastic polypropylene lid.

Container Sizes : 12 oz , 16 oz & 32 oz

Container Color/Design Options :
- Symphony
- White
- Special print also availble

Pack :
250 Set Per Case

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