Kid`s Veggie Sauces

Kid`s Veggie Sauces

Mr Organic Kids Veggie Pasta Sauce Carrot, Sweet Potato, Courgette from 9 months (200g)
Mr Organic Italian Kids Veggie Pasta Sauce Tomato, Carrot, Parsnip from 9 months (200g)

– Organic & Natural
– No Added Salt or Sugar
– 1 of 5 a Day
– Suitable from 9+ Months
– Vegan & Vegetarian
– Gluten Free
– BPA Free Packaging
– Produced in Italy
– Zero Air Miles

This Kids’ Veggie Pasta Sauce has been crafted with care to give you a helping hand in creating a quick, nutritious and yummy meal for your little ones.
Made with organic carrot, sweet potato, courgette and absolutely no added salt or sugar, just simply stir it into Mr Organic hot pasta for a no-nonsense, scrummy dish.

From seed to jar,

All Mr. Organic food is made with organically grown ingredients and love for our planet.

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